Gary Gaffney is an entrepreneur, leadership coach, change agent and extremely active family man. His passion is coaching and teaching emerging leaders the principles that will lead them to grow in their self-awareness and help them reach their goals faster. He brings value by utilizing his life experience, training and the gift of seeing the bigger picture for all of the clients he works with.

Gary has started and sold several businesses and currently runs three small companies including L4 Success. He has also worked for International corporations such as The Dial Corp. and Marriott International. There he was a trainer and facilitator for various materials including Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Successful People. In all of these roles, he has worked to develop the talents and skills of the next generation of leaders.


Gary is a John Maxwell Certified Coach Trainer and Speaker and speaks to groups across South Carolina. His programs are focused on Leadership Development, Goal Setting and Communication. He has also facilitated programs for "Lead Like Jesus" and "Success for Teens". He holds a Bachelor of Professional Sciences from the University of South Carolina.

An active community leader, Gary Gaffney has served in church and service club roles including being President of his home Rotary Club. His awards include 'Jaycee of the Year" and "Rotarian of the Year". Gary applies the “Service above Self” motto to his family, business and community life. He has been married for 15 years and has 3 active children.

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                                                Rip Jenkins is a Coaching                                                                      Professional and Motivational                                                              Speaker, who has over 40 years of                                                      experience in the field of Leadership,                                                    Speaking and Training.

                                                Rip has  helped many clients break

                                                through the obstacles that hold

                                                them back in life and allow them

                                                to discover their next steps toward



                                                At LeaderwiZe, Rip uses the leader-                                                      ship wisdom from John Maxwell

along with cutting edge innovation to bring more zeal and efficiency to organizations, business professionals and individuals in all walks of life who want to go that extra mile to reach all of their hopes and dreams for a better future.

After successfully leading churches for 40 plus years in the United States, Pastor Rip (what most of his friends call him) turned his unique people skills to the international arena where he is a respected and highly sought after speaker and trainer in the area of leadership and vision.

In 2007 Rip formed Hope House International, an organization dedicated to Raising Hope through transformation living. Rip has conducted seminars and training events enabling churches and equipping leaders across the United States, Nicaragua, India and Africa. His passion is developing people to reach their fullest potential.

LA few yea's ago he and his wife of 37 years moved to the Greenville area to experience the joys of being grandparents. Just ask if you want to see a picture.

His favorite quote is from John Maxwell which simply states, “When you find your why you find your way.”

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